This is an English version of the Japanese News Letter by Takashi Harada. I explicitly do not use the term „translation“ because I have edited the original text for better legibility. Hope You enjoy it. Mahito Ando

Kansai Gakuin University Lacrosse Club’s national championship is worth an analysis. Improvements of communication and teamwork within the team has led to the chmpionship.

(I) To improve communication within the team, following practices are introduced:

  1. Senior students take care of junior students like their sisters, „ Sister system“ that not only provides skill guidance but also addresses worries and anxiety of junior members
  2. Instrument to measure fulfillment of decisions is introduced: 
    „Leader meeting“ controls the progress and completion of decisions.
  3. The captain always remainders the team:
    „Everybody engages and we win together“

 (II) Improvement measures for the communication with outside of the team

  1. Always make sure that the team shows gratitude to trainers, staff, outside supporters , and family.
  2. Share gratitude with all members of team at every training, every day.

(III) Definition of teamwork

There is a general perception of a good team work having a random and vivid conversation like in a pub which enhances fun and friendship.
But the teamwork of a strong organisation is different. Real teamwork means: „Each member is aware of her role and does what she is supposed to do.“  These three lessons are valid to all organizations.  Every organization should follow them.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Takashi Harada tells about his passion for films and refers to his recent favorite movie „Bohemian Rhapsody“. Especial he loves the last scene where Queen sings live on LIVE AID.

Through training etc. Takashi Harada has many social contacts with CEO of companies as well as top athletes, artists, entertainers, politicians, etc. They seem to be solid as a rock. However, they are actually delicate and nervous. Leaders struggle to preserve the success after achieving it. Managing the continuity of the hard-earned success is really hard. Mission of big leaders, stars, big organizations and teams is to preserve the success. So what are the secret of preserving the success? It is the sensitivity. In order to continue the success, they have always to redefine a new success. These people are eager for that.

Queen does not create the same kind of songs twice. Using an inspiration of an opera motif, Queen has created a master piece „Bohemian Rhapsody“, a song of unusual length of 7 min. The process of creation is all suffering and fighting.
Create the idea → integrate it into a song → play → modify → record repeatedly.
This process is very painful. The sovereignty fo Queen is an image after creation of the song, during the creation process members are at the brink to nervous breakdown.

A student asked Takashi Harada, „I am nervous and cannot succeed. How can I cope with it?  “ Takshi Harada told him: „That’s the right character! The sensitivity is a character of  a lot of successful people.“ Student was surprised (about unexpected answer). Nervousness and sensitivity are necessary trait for success. Takashi Harada saw the confirmation in the movie „Bohemian Rhapsody“.

 Steve Jobs used meditation and visited Koyasan(Japanese holy Zen center). It is a famous story and Takashi Harada thinks that he understand it. Steve Jobs needed a way and time to heal himself and his heart (from his tough job), as his heart was too delicate.
Freddie Mercury tried to find remedy in alcohol and a fool, but it didn’t work. True friends have helped him to find to the right path. From there, the process of revival toward LIVE AID began. He managed the turn around and played brilliantly in the last scene of the movie. In this scene, I see Freddie Mercury’s transition from twists and turns to success.

  •  delicate
  •  blessed with friends
  •  through twists and turns, he managed redefinition his success

 It’s the best movie to understand the rule of success.